5 Key Promises of an EVP

If you’ve ever had to book a flight whether it’s for business or pleasure you may have used the services of the Flight Centre or one of its 30 brands. That’s no surprise really as it has a global presence in more than 23 countries and a corporate travel network in 90 countries. It also…

How HR Experts Can Help Employees Defeat Imposter Syndrome

It may not be the most glamorous job in the world, but there is an element of flair to working in human resources. People aren’t reducible to simple numbers or even facts, so recruitment requires a certain amount of insight, instinct, and imagination. Human resources professionals need to imagine how each candidate will fit into…

Here’s How To Get FREE Career Tips In Your Inbox Every Day

Are you happy with your career? Do you think you could be doing more, but aren’t sure how to go about growing your career to its full potential? If so, Work It Daily has something really interesting to offer. It’s called The Daily Dose, and it’s our daily newsletter! There are many reasons why keeping

How To Connect With Potential Employers During Your Job Search

It’s hard to be passionate about a job when you have no connection to the company. How do you show enthusiasm in your cover letter and job interview if you don’t absolutely love what you’d be doing, or where you’d be doing it? Fortunately, there’s an easy way to demonstrate your enthusiasm for a company

Can You Pay Your Employees to Attend a Political Rally?

Last week, a company in Pennsylvania made headlines when they told employees to either attend a Trump rally, take a vacation day, or take a day off. It seems like an abuse of power for a company to demand attendance at a political rally. (Although technically, it was an “official event” and not a campaign one,

5 ‘Recession-Proof’ Careers

When a recession hits, many people immediately begin to worry about their jobs — and with good reason. Recessions usually means mass layoffs, fewer jobs, more competition for jobs, and less job security. But some careers are safer than others. Several websites, including Glassdoor, have compiled lists of jobs that are expected to survive the

How to Successfully Manage a Large Team

For any career-driven individual, embarking on a managerial role is the next step to progressing and moving up the ranks in their career. However, being a manager can be a demanding job with a lot of responsibility – especially when you add managing a large, multi-cultural team to the mix. It’s critical that your employees…

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