4 Ways To End Your Working Year Strong (And Why It Matters)

The New Year is approaching quickly as this working year comes to an end. Since many professionals are anticipating holiday vacations, itʼs understandable why thoughts of work performance tend to enter a bit of a Twilight Zone. Weʼre on your side—who wants to spend time brainstorming ideas on year-end performances when good food, paid time

In Deep Shift: Why Flexible Working is the Answer

The UK is in the middle of a flexible working revolution. But while flexible working is on the rise for a large portion of the UK’s workforce, there’s a vital segment that is being left out in the cold and getting a raw deal when it comes to opening up greater flexibility in their work…

A Successful Phone Interview Can Take You To The Next Round

A successful phone interview can take you to the next round A phone interview has the purpose to ask the candidate to come to the company’s headquarters for an in-person interview. Companies also use… Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

What we say versus What we want in a Job!

My wife always tells me it’s actions, not words that make a difference. You can say all of this great stuff, but if you do nothing, it’s meaningless. I think we would all agree with this. So, when we hear graduating students, candidates, and employees tell us what they really want is “Meaningful Work” in

New Jersey to Uber: $649 Million, Please

Uber considers its drivers to be independent contractors. That means they aren’t responsible for things like taxes and unemployment fees for their drivers. California disagreed so strongly that after the National Labor Relations Board ruled that drivers were contractors, they passed a law specifically targeting Uber and similar companies. The goal is to force numerous companies to hire

How to Beat Overworking and Bring Back Work-Life Balance

How many of us have a 15-hour work week? That’s what economist John Maynard Keynes predicted 21st-century automation would bring; in fact, he believed our main problem would be figuring out what to do with all that spare time!  Fast forward to today, and the reality is that we’re busier than ever. Full-time U.S. employees