Here’s What You Need In a People Analytics Leader

You need the right People Analytics Leader in order to build an effective and strategic people analytics function. This person is the key evangelist and visionary for data-driven decision making, and ensures the use of people analytics always delivers values to the business.

The Power of Communication

The power of communication is a fantastic thing. Reflect upon a recent conversation with someone that went great. The one whereas you walked away you felt like you had a clear image or purpose from what was discussed. The chances are that person was a great communicator. Maybe they told a great story or painted

When the Future Arrives, What Role Will HR Have?

The future is scary when you have no idea what’s coming — but that doesn’t mean companies and their human resources teams are powerless in preparing themselves. It’s time for HR departments to play a key role in not only predicting the future, but also actively moving their business in the direction it needs to

What Should You Look for in a Hire?

Competencies have become the building blocks to determining success in an open role. When you identify competencies that are required for success in critical roles within your organization, you create a higher likelihood of job fit and success. Additionally, the chances of retaining that employee, due to their increased fit to the role increases and

Fixing the Talent Shortage: Drop the College Degree Requirement

After serving their country and gaining valuable experience in the process, many of our nation’s veterans still struggle to find jobs when they return home. Veterans without college degrees are often overlooked for high skill jobs. Companies should consider veterans’ experiences to be as valuable as a college degree and prioritize technical, leadership, and critical