How to Cope With Idiots in Recruitment (and Life in General)

In our job, you come across all sorts of people and I don’t know about you but I, over the last 20 years in recruitment, have made genuine friendships with candidates and clients over time given our shared values and interests, who enrich my life in so many ways. However, there will always be the…

HRExaminer v10.21

        AI Risks, Ethics, and Liability HRExaminer Weekly Editionv10.21 for May 24, 2019     John Sumser has a fantastic two-part series this week on AI Risks, Ethics, and Liability. After you’ve read about liability and ethics in Part one of the series dig into Part two for vendor questions and John’s

Here’s how NOT to terminate 938 people abruptly, and by email

There really is no sure-fire way to deliver bad news to your entire staff. Some experts suggest you dish it out easy, in small increments, to soften the blow. Others says just rip off the Band Aid and be done with it. The owners of a Pennsylvania luxury custom cabinet factory took the ripped Band

Indeed and Goodwill: Helping Both Sides of Hiring

The mission of global nonprofit Goodwill Industries International is to help people find jobs, change their lives and improve their communities. This so closely aligns with Indeed’s mission —  helping people find jobs — that the two organizations have just announced a strategic collaboration. Indeed has committed to helping 1 million job seekers around the

Who has been your biggest influence in your life?

Great personal story to share today of a very cool interaction that happened this week. So, if you’re reading this blog post you’ve by now guessed that I write a bit. This all started ten years ago and I have frequently told you to blame my great friend, Kris Dunn, who got me started in

Recruiting & What Never Changes: Hiring Managers

I inadvertently took a trip down memory lane when telling a colleague how I got into recruiting and what it was like just 10 years prior. When I first got into recruiting, the country was in the midst of a comeback following the great recession and, luckily, the organization I was with was growing rapidly.