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A Data-Driven Guide to Dealing with Toxic Employees

Imagine the workplace as an ecosystem and at its heart, lies a community of living, breathing organisms. In an ecosystem, how you work is just as important as the work you do because even seemingly small actions in this environment can have a major impact on the group.

HR 101: Benefits That Will Give You a Competitive Edge

What is the first thing that you notice while reading a job ad? While you’re reviewing the qualifications and requirements of the job – you’re likely thinking to yourself, “does this role match up with what I’m looking for?” You’re also probably thinking to yourself, “what does this company offer me compared to the others?”

Training the Ted Talk Way

TED Talks, the popular conference and video lecture series, has a cardinal rule that all presenters must follow: No talk can exceed 18 minutes. As TED curator Chris Anderson puts it, 18 minutes is “short enough to hold people’s attention, including on the internet, and precise enough to be taken seriously. But it’s also long

The Many Types of Diversity Should Be On Your Teams

Diversity of opinion, outlook and background in the workplace is hugely beneficial for teams and organizations. And yet, despite their best efforts, hiring managers are unconsciously inclined to hire people similar to themselves. Whilst this is a natural human tendency, it causes problems when the aim is to diversify a group of people and can

How to Source Candidates on Medium

Wikipedia describes Medium as an online publishing platform developed by Evan Williams launched in August 2012. The platform is an example of social journalism, having a hybrid collection of amateur and professional people and publications, or exclusive blogs or publishers on Medium, and is regularly regarded as a blog host.

Report: Employee Attitudes Towards Politics in the Workplace

Politics is a sensitive subject, and all of us have had arguments over the dinner table at one time or another. But in today’s climate our disagreements seem to be getting ever more polarizing and divisive. In fact, according to one recent study, Americans’ political affiliations today are an even stronger component of their identities

From the archive:What goes in an offer letter?

I read a story in the Human Times, a newsletter from EY, that the shared space company WeWork, has, for the most part, eliminated their use of non-compete agreements. They overreached who they had signing them at the hiring stage. Courts do not like non-competes. So be careful about their use. In fact you need

Announcing “Out at SourceCon”

There’s nothing quite like connecting with people in person – that’s part of what makes SourceCon’s conferences so great! That’s why I’m pleased to announce the official launch of SourceCon’s inaugural LGBTQA+ affinity group, Out At SourceCon!

ACLU sues Facebook for discriminatory job ads

Facebook is in hot water once again — this time, for job ads targeting exclusively men for roles such as police officers, truck drivers and sports store clerks. The ACLU lodged a complaint against the social media giant — as well as 10 employers that used Facebook to post ads — on behalf of three female

Honeit Brings Audio Intelligence to Phone Interviews

Why do recruiters conduct phone interviews? Communication style is one main reason, but it’s more than that. It’s because we can hear talent. A good recruiter can pick up the candidate’s personality, excitement for the role and company, and their wow factor. That’s why most recruiters still use phone interviews as the first step in

ACLU Charges Facebook, 10 Employers With Targeting Only Men For Jobs

One of the most powerful marketing features of sites like Facebook is the ability to target messages to specific groups. If you’re selling roofing and remodeling services in Silver Spring, Maryland, it makes sense to target your ads to homeowners in that area. But when Enhanced Roofing and Remodeling targeted its help wanted ad to

LinkedIn Groups Finally Get an Update

LinkedIn Groups have always felt like an afterthought. They’re sort of like the guest room that gets a lot of initial attention but sits there collecting dust because so few people come to visit. In my own experience, I’ve found them to be too spammy platforms for members to plug their stuff.

ACLU Raises Gender Bias Charge Against Facebook’s Recruiting Tools to EEOC

The recruiting world should monitor the ACLU’s recent charges against Facebook alleging that its employment advertising discriminates against women and non-binary persons by allowing employers to target employment advertising to gender groups. The ACLU filed these charges with the U.S. EEOC, and Facebook faces a similar claim related to age discrimination that remains pending with

Re-Thinking How We Think About HR Tech

Every year, usually in Las Vegas, there is a big HR Tech Conference and Expo. This year’s was held last week. There is one thing that bothers me: Maybe we should just be calling it the “HR Conference” not the “HR Tech Conference,” because today, very little happens in HR that is not mediated by

Take a Seat at the Table

Ok, so you’ve finally got a seat at the table, but your seat feels slightly small. Maybe, you’re sitting in for your manager or subbing in for a senior colleague. This could be a fantastic opportunity to impact and influence. This is what I describe as your “knowledge seat.” You know that saying going around

4 Takeaways From The HR Tech Conference

The HR Technology Conference has become one of the must-attend HR conferences for many industry veterans, including yours truly. The trade show floor is a who’s who of vendor startups, has-beens, wannabes, and haves, which make it a very important event for keeping up with the times and maybe even looking around corners.

Who is responsible for your career?

Your career is in your hands and may require many hard decisions. I was reading an article that appeared in an online newspaper called Vox. The article, I spoke to hundreds of American men who still can’t find work, written by Andrew L. Yarrow, took the tack that many men are unemployed because of “society.”

5 Steps to Improving Engagement in Meetings

The interview for that new job you’re hoping to get. The coffee date with your personal hero, and hopefully, future mentor. The make-or-break sales demo with that perfect-fit client. The last-ditch attempt to mend a broken partnership.