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Recruiters Are NOT Salespeople

How many motivational quotes can you tick off? How many sales techniques have you trained in? How many work? Check out “10 Quotes Sales People Should Memorize” from Geoffrey James, an editor of Inc. Magazine. Yup, every single one of his quotes is pretty much translatable into the business we have chosen. I’d argue that

HireVisor Dives Into the Deadpool

HireVisor, the company that let employers share the candidates that weren’t good enough to be hired with others, is calling it quits. Here’s an explainer video if you have 45 seconds to spare.

Future Friday: More encouraging news from AI

AI will not result in wholesale job losses but will require new skill sets. In an effort to learn more about AI (artificial intelligence) I listen to a variety of webinars on advances in AI. I listened to one today presented as part of the MIT Sloan series. The speaker was Phillip Gerbert of the

3 Open Enrollment Best Practices Every HR Manager Should Know

Every HR manager counts down until the first day of open enrollment. This year, that date is November 1. As the busy season fast approaches, it’s important to be adequately prepared. Review the following three open enrollment best practices and ready your organization for a successful open enrollment season. 1. Gather Your Materials If you wait

The Latest Trend in L&D: What You Need to Know When You Need It

In today’s job market, providing employees with a paycheck and benefits is not enough to retain talent. Even for perk-loving millennials, catered lunch and unlimited PTO won’t necessarily do the trick. According to a Gallup survey, 87% of millennials say that professional development and career growth are significant to them. Additionally, another survey found 46% of

Improving Indeed’s Search and Job Quality

At Indeed, our mission drives everything we do: we help people get jobs. Providing job seekers with the best possible experience is what keeps them coming back to Indeed. It’s also what makes us the best place for employers to find the right fit every day. As we have shared in the past, we are

5 Takeaways from iCIMS Analyst Day

Analyst days are pretty common in almost any industry, and employment is no different. Basically, a company brings in influencers for a glimpse into the company and its place in the market. It’s sort of a State of the Union for companies.

How Failing Makes You Better

Ever read that quote that floats around about Thomas Edison’s process of inventing the lightbulb? The one that goes something like “I didn’t fail 1,000 times, the light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” What an impactful statement about what it took to come up with one of the greatest inventions of all time.

The ‘Creepy’ Potential of AI Notetaking

I first seriously looked at automated transcription 10 or 15 years ago, when Dragon Naturally Speaking was the leading product. For my purposes, the tech wasn’t quite ready then, but now, thanks to advances in AI, transcription is a genuinely useful tool. It’s even built into Google Docs, Windows, and  iOS as a standard feature.

The 20 Hottest Companies for Job Seekers in 2018

With the unemployment rate hitting record lows, the battle for talent is on. Big or small, every company has to fight to win the attention of today’s savvy job seeker. Of course, everybody is different and has a unique set of priorities, so there is no single way to attract talent. That said, there are

How are lactating mothers protected in the workplace?

Two agencies provide protection to breastfeeding mothers. For some reason, there has been a spate of articles posted in various outlets about lactating mothers. I am not sure what the cause for this is, perhaps some employer is engaging in wrongdoing or some untrained manager has denied someone the opportunity to express breast milk. Who

Get Started In HR Analytics In 5 Easy Steps

As adoption of analytics is increasing and interest is soaring, more and more companies are looking for ways to get started with HR analytics. In this article, I will give you a practical guide on how to get started with HR analytics in 5 steps.

Insider Tips on How to Become Your Own Sourcing Machine

What a way to kick off the first day of SourceCon Atlanta. Holly Mallowes enters the stage and is ready to share how everyone can become their own sourcing machine. Eager to listen and prepared to take copious notes; I sat right up front because I didn’t want to miss a single thing.

Your Weekly Dose of HR Tech: @Hiretual – Find, Engage, and Pipeline Candidates

Today on the Weekly Dose I review the sourcing technology Hiretual (Hire-Tool). So, I’ve been hearing from my sourcing friends for about two years that Hiretual is awesome and I need to check them out. Hiretual is a modern sourcing technology platform that allows a Sourcer or Recruiter to quickly search for possible talent online from dozens of

6 Tips for Getting Away Without Sacrificing Your Business

You have climbed your way up the career ladder, shattered glass ceilings and have a long history of success on your resume. But you didn’t work this hard to stay perched at the top with no respite from your daily duties. You need to take advantage of your time off. Here’s how to do just

Changing culture

What role can recognition play in changing culture? Jeremy Salter, account director, Blackhawk Network – home to Achievers, has the answers