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Have You Integrated LinkedIn’s Recruiter System Connect?

Every sourcer and recruiter suffer from shiny object syndrome. We all want what’s new, hot, fresh, and oh so shiny. We are quick to jump on the latest Chrome extension and sourcing tool. We are always in the hunt for more candidates, more Dean Da Costa, more budget, and need I say, more time. So

5 Ways to Leverage Technology to Get the Most From a Job Fair

Recruiting the right talent for your business has always had its share of struggles, but in today’s job market, with fierce competition and wage stagnation, it can feel downright impossible. A Glassdoor study said it takes 23.8 days to make a hire and the process costs an average of roughly $4,129 per hire in 2016

iCIMS Secures New Round of Private Equity Funding

Popular applicant tracking system iCIMS added a new investor this week. Vista Equity Partners is giving an undisclosed amount of money to the company for an undisclosed piece of the company. It joins Susquehanna Growth Equity as the second firm. SGE invested in 2012 and again in 2015 to the tune of roundly $92 million, according to Crunchbase. SGE

Design of Work Experience: A Different Way of Customizing the Culture

You may be thinking, “Another culture model? Who needs another tool?” Given all that’s out there, the skepticism is well-founded. This one, however, fills a much-needed gap when it comes to culture-building. Design of Work Experience (DOWE) is a concept, framework, and methodology that provides the step-by-step needed to create, implement, and sustain culture customized

Your Recruiting Data Is BS

I could not control laughing when I had an executive and business leader tell me this while I was presenting his teams recruiting performance against industry standards. It was somewhat of a self-defense mechanism, but at that time a laugh was all that would come out. How could all my precious data, that clearly shows

The Law of ‘Congruent Experience’ Is One You Should Follow

Creating a winning customer experience starts first with the Employee Experience. The customer. It’s any person or group receiving a service from an individual or organization. If you run a company, it’s the person buying your t-shirts, pizza, or software. In healthcare, it’s the patient. In education, it’s the student. The customer in a not-for-profit may be the child

PerkSpot Raises $50 Million, Proving Workers Like, Um, Perks

If you haven’t experienced ghosting, the trend of candidates and employees disappearing without warning, you’ve most certainly heard of it. It’s a real serious problem, apparently. And even if your company hasn’t fallen victim directly, you likely noticed employees are sticking around for less time than they used to.

Report: What Are the Most Popular Jobs Among Entry-Level Job Seekers?

The class of 2018 is entering the workforce at an interesting—and exciting—time. Unemployment is at its lowest rate in years, and new technology is disrupting multiple industries. As a result, today’s entry-level job seekers are embarking on careers that in many cases will prove both rewarding and surprising, as new pathways open up and old

“No Fault” Attendance Policies Must be Managed

Make sure your attendance policy is well written and covers ADA and FMLA absences. A lot of companies like to use “no-fault” attendance policies because they are easier to administer, generally easy to understand, reduces the chances of favoritism, doesn’t require a lot of policing of reasons for absences and treats the employees as adults

Recruiting for a Company That Is About to Collapse

I used to work at a well-known retailer for a year and a half and before moving on to my current role. I accepted the position with a lot of self-talk. I told myself, “Okay, Danyel, you know the company is suffering,” and “you know you could be laid off tomorrow,” and “you don’t know what

Double wrong-doing: Another case of bad HR

Paying employees in cash to avoid records of overtime is a violation of the FLSA I have been in HR for a long time and I have seen many errors. Every company I worked for, however, knew that nonexempt workers were owed overtime at the rate of time-and-a-half for all hours worked over 40 hours

A Small Company Guide to Growing a Health Compensation Program

Note: Today begins a 4-part series on compensation practices for small companies. Over the next four weeks, Margaret O’Hanlon will show how a small company typically deals with compensation, discussing each of a few key practices and what problems these may create as the company grows. Each week she’ll offer her insights on how to

Women Are Ready to Lead, So Put Them In

For the past few decades there’s been a lot of talk about how companies need to build a strong bench of female leaders to diversify C-suites and senior management roles. It would be counter to a significant body of research to deny that great strides have been made or that companies are not taking the

It’s the Recruiter’s Fault I Took a Bad Role

A friend of mine sent me a message on Facebook asking me if I knew of a good IT recruiter in DC. Since I am not living there anymore nor am I working for a company within the metro area it was a valid call on her part. I am a helpful person and, well,

How to Help an Employee Suffering from Addiction

Addiction can harm both individuals and the companies they work for. Today’s guest post is written by Trevor McDonald, who has been through the recovery process from addiction, thus bringing practical experience to this post. Fifty-two percent of about 18.9 million people dealing with substance abuse issues were employed in 2011, according to a National