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The Secret to Productivity May Be Air Conditioning

Call them dinosaur-brains or Neanderthals, there are people in every business who live to make us miserable. They aren’t necessarily actively toxic, but some are so rude, bureaucratic, and/or annoying, your automatic response may be to disengage from them and your work. As well all know, disengagement kills productivity.

5 Must-Do Steps Before Rolling Out a Corporate LMS

Corporate learning management systems have become an essential component in every stage of the employment cycle, including the recruitment of top talent. The ability to complete training exercises at any time and on any device can help you entice qualified candidates, and robust training platforms give HR departments the opportunity to vet prospects with qualitative

5 Was to Tackle Bias in the Workplace

Managers of businesses have become more aware of the potential for workplace bias due to the Starbucks incident back in April. This prompted Starbucks to close 8,000 of their stores to address an underlying bias issue, which then caused other companies to reevaluate how they solve major bias issues in their own workplaces.

This Talent Acquisition Team Is Paving the Way for Gig Workers

Larry Nash, head of the U.S. recruiting team at EY, is my guest in the next episode of the “Big Fish in the Talent Pool” series (link below). During our discussion, he offers interesting insights into his own career path, including an ex-pat year in Tokyo, his perspective on the speed of change, using IBM’s Watson

HR Tech Weekly: Episode #180: Stacey Harris and John Sumser

Hosts Stacey Harris and John Sumser discuss important news and topics in recruiting and HR technology. Listen live every Thursday at 7AM Pacific – 10AM Eastern, or catch up on full episodes with transcriptions here. HR Tech Weekly Episode: 180 Air Date: July 19, 2018   This Week   Workday Advances Into Augmented Analytics with

The Futurist: Capitalising on an inclusive workplace

閱讀中文版本 Jo Hayes, director of pipeline initiatives, The Women’s Foundation on the strategies to build a truly inclusive workplace to stay ahead in a time where attracting and retaining top talent is becoming increasingly challenging. To remain competitive in an evolving technology-driven market, having a diverse talent pool is key. To build a truly inclusive workforce

Are your female staff being left in the cold?

As workforces get leaner, it is natural to see an increased focus on productivity. This brings us to the question – what is the best temperature for productivity? As it turns out, it may depend on the gender of the employee you’re asking with studies showing that women are comfortable at a temperature which is 2.5°C higher

A holistic range of learning services

This article is brought to you by Red Consulting Group. A total of six types of services are provided by RED Consulting Group, including professional development programmes, research services, and more – find out about all of them. In this article, we will focus on the six types of services provided by RED Consulting Group. 1.

RM1,500 soon to be the new minimum wage throughout Malaysia

Malaysia’s Human Resources Minister M. Kulasegaran announced in Parliament  yesterday (19 July), workers across the country can expect to the minimum monthly wage to be set at RM1,500, as reported in The Sun Daily.  He said during a Question Time: “The increase of minimum wage to RM1,500 will be done gradually, not in an instant.” “In the

HR job moves of the week from Unilever, Microsoft, and more

Here are the major promotions and job moves in the world of HR for this week. If you’ve been promoted or if you’ve moved to a new company, let us know and we will announce your news here – just email And for the pick of HR job opportunities in Asia, check out HRjobs. HR practitioner


READ IN ENGLISH 利豐物流學習及企業發展總經理孫文慧分享對人力資源專業人員該如何在數碼時代應對工作的一些想法。 人力資源科技將推動嶄新的流程設計,並為整個員工生命週期帶來全新的體驗。 我相信科技將推動3E——人力資源營運效率(Efficiency)、成效(Effectiveness)及參與度(Engagement)。以下是我對人力資源專業人員該如何應對工作的一些想法。 人力資源專業人員該如何為未來的職場作好準備 作為人力資源管理人員,我們必須靈活運用「顧客體驗思維」方式,像服務顧客一樣服務員工,以提升整體的員工招聘及發展體驗。我們希望創建方便有趣、簡單易用的解決方案。 在這個數碼時代,建立數碼勞動力是至關重要。人力資源管理人員應準備好提升自己運用數碼科技的能力,並加強重視提高員工的數碼知識水平,以應對未來的工作。 運用結合人力資源科技的嶄新平台,人力資源專業人員可將人與流程結合在一起。在科技轉型下,變革管理將成為人力資源管理人員必須掌握的核心技能。發展及加強智能團隊,以便能夠善用人工智能等最新科技,大量融入聊天機械人來提供個人化網上體驗,將成為大趨勢。 人力資源分析一直在迅速發展。人力資源管理團隊正運用從這些媒介獲得的資訊來進行人才招聘、員工團隊規劃及制定人員發展策略等。通過善用分析工具,有助人力資源管理人員選擇較適合職位的求職者,亦能預測哪些員工有意離職。 本地與國際人力資源管理人員如何互相學習 我認為邀請本地人力資源管理人員,參加由企業團隊發起的最新人力資源科技試點測試,是最佳的學習方式。讓他們親身體驗科技的應用,也可從他們那裡獲得反饋,是一個非常有效的方法,最關鍵是籍此贏得他們的支持。 《Human Resources》2018年6月號特刊訪問了12位具遠見的業界領袖,分享他們對行業未來的見解。 按此細閱今期「The Futurist」特稿或訂閱。

The Futurist: How will future HR technology alter the HR Function

閱讀中文版本 Annie Suen, general manager of learning and organisational development, LF Logistics on how human resources professionals should approach their jobs in this digital age HR technology will be the enabler for a new process design and bring a whole new employee experience throughout the employee life cycle. I believe technology is going to drive 3Es


READ IN ENGLISH 今年,更多外派人員將感受到讓子女在外讀書的壓力;如果是由公司承擔費用,則僱主會感受到壓力。 ExpatFinder公布的「2018年國際學校學費調查」發現,東方國家的每年平均學費由14,150美元升至16,403美元。 中國的學費由2017年的25,820美元,升至2018年的33,591美元;新加坡的則由23,198美元,升至25,758美元。香港的學費從18,465美元,升至22,046美元;馬來西亞的則由10,363美元,升至11,406美元。 亞太地區國際學校學費最昂貴的五個國家/地區為: 1. 中國:33,591美元 2. 新加坡:25,758美元 3. 香港:18,465美元 4. 澳洲:19,357美元 5. 越南:17,941美元 幸好東方國家有許多學府可供選擇,將能滿足預算較少的人士需求。事實上調查顯示,五所最實惠的學府分別位於泰國(學費中位數為16,619美元)及印度(學費中位數為4,893美元)。 ExpatFinder.com行政總裁兼聯合創辦人Sebastien Deschamps表示:「由於外派人員數目上升,加上更多當地富裕家庭子女入讀國際學校,日本、泰國、新加坡、馬來西亞及越南的優質國際教育增長和需求將繼續穩定上升,而這些國家亦計劃興建更多國際學校及擴大現有校舍。」 「然而,我們亦看到韓國、香港和新加坡等市場已制定當地公營教育政策改革措施,以限制當地人入讀國際學校,這可能會暫時紓緩外派人員面臨的壓力,但學費上漲最終仍看不到停止的跡象。」 在西方國家,國際教育學費仍然高昂。事實上報告顯示,西方國家學費顯著高於東方國家(前者為22,730美元,後者為16,403美元)。然而,報告亦指出,西方學費雖然較高,但很大程度被較高的工資抵消。 西方國家國際學校學費最昂貴的五個國家為: 1. 瑞士:32,453美元 2. 比利時:29,613美元 3. 英國:26,627美元 4. 加拿大:24,340美元 5. 意大利:22,547美元 正如東方國家,整個地區的學費差異很大,願意就學費進行格價者,將可節省大量開支。 同樣地,個別國家可為較靈活彈性的外派人員提供比鄰國更高的折扣優惠,例如比利時(29,613美元)及荷蘭(8,859美元)。   就全球而言,該調查顯示2018年國際學校學費以19%的驚人速度增長。根據對全球27個國家688所國際學校的市場調查,國際教育學費最高的五個國家為: 1. 中國:33,591美元 2. 瑞士:32,453美元 3. 比利時:29,613美元 4. 英國:26,627美元 5. 新加坡:25,758美元 如何節省國際教育成本 國際教育可以很昂貴,但不表示沒有辦法節省成本。 外派人員及僱主的可行方案之一,就是搜集不同教育系統的資料。可以的話,選擇遵循法國(9,489美元)或荷蘭(7,329美元)系統的學校,與普通國際學校的學費(19,907美元)相比,可大大節省約50%的費用。 另一方面,美國學校每年平均學費為26,866美元,較普通國際學校高近10,000美元。 圖片來源/123RF


READ IN ENGLISH 相信您在求職面試中,遇到不少對職位表現冷漠的求職者。史丹福大學最近的一項研究就嘗試解釋為何港人求職者看起來總是冷漠內儉。 《Emotion》最近發佈一份由史丹福大學的研究員聯同香港城市大學、香港中文大學、美國西北大學(Northwestern University)和美國環境保護基金會(Environmental Defense Fund)的學者共同撰寫的研究論文,內容指出港人面試時較少展露情感可能與文化有關。論文亦表示,招聘經理和求職者的文化背景差異,對招聘結果有重大影響。 隨著勞動力越趨多元化,研究團隊想探討文化差異如何影響求職者在面試時的情感表現,以及擁有不同文化背景的未來僱主會對這些情感有甚麼看法,從而會如何影響求職者獲聘的機會。 研究共有1,041名測試者參與,當中包括歐裔美國人、亞裔美國人和香港人,測試他們在五個不同的工作場景中如何反應。 其中一項實驗要求測試者想像自己要報名參加一個競爭十分激烈的實習計劃,並拍攝一段自我介紹的影片。結果發現86%的歐裔美國人和72%的亞裔美國人希望表達出興奮的心情,相反香港人中只有48%希望表達出興奮,其他則想看起來比較沉實。 研究人員將這個現象歸因於文化差異,而非單單是個人選擇。研究人員之一的Jeanne Tsai解釋:「我們希望有什麼感覺,以至我們自身的文化告訴我們什麼才是正確,都會影響我們在面試時如何表現自己。」 明白到文化背景會影響求職者展示自己的方式,這些差異對招聘經理又有何影響呢? 在另一項實驗中,研究團隊向300名美國員工展示了三名測試者的報名影片。片中三名測試者都擁有相同的資歷,但表現出不同的興奮程度——其中一名表現雀躍、另一名表現平靜、第三名表現介乎兩者之間。 結果發現,47%的受訪者選擇表現雀躍的報名人,29.3%會選擇表現介乎兩者之間的報名人,只有23.7%喜歡表現平靜的那位。研究員Lucy Zhang Bencharit解釋指,在美國,職業顧問和面試教練一直教導求職者面試時要表現出熱情和興奮,但她表示:「重要的是要明白,這種概念是由我們的文化衍生出來的,你認為正確的表現,其他人可能不這麼覺得。」 現在越來越多招聘經理會根據公司的「文化契合度」來選擇員工,但研究人員警告對求職者某些表現的偏好,可能會導致請人時有偏見,因為招聘人員傾向聘請與公司員工擁有相同價值觀的求職者,變相令團隊單一化,缺乏多元。 Bencharit表示:「只根據『文化契合度』來請人,反映管理層認為只有某一類人才能勝任工作,但其實在職場上有很多工作,冷靜而頭腦清晰的員工可能比表現熱情的員工做得更好。」 Tsai補充:「如果真的想從多元職場中受益,那麼我們就必須要拓闊思想,想清楚什麼情感特質適合什麼樣的工作,從而挑選出理想的求職者。」 延伸閱讀:你大我呀?求職者嚇窒面試官的5條問題

Behind the façade of cold job seekers

閱讀中文版本 In a job interview, more often than not you see a candidate who is calm and restrained from showing excitement or enthusiasm about a position. Rather than them being an emotionless robot, a recent Stanford study tries to explain why Hong Kong job seekers appear to be cold and distant during interviews. Published on

Up the ranks: Annie Lim to lead Sanofi’s global diversity and inclusion

French pharmaceuticals healthcare major, Sanofi, has appointed Annie Lim as global diversity and inclusion (D&I) lead, based in Singapore. In this role, she manages and implements strategic enterprise programmes, develops and deploys global inclusive workplace practices, and evolves cultural efforts in supporting Sanofi’s global diversity and inclusion approach. She will also serve as a global leader to catalyse and

3 Ways to Grow a Culture of Creativity and Innovation

Innovation isn’t easy. It requires dedicated time, support from company leaders and often a cost investment, but it can lead to big payoffs. In fact, companies that use collaborative innovation models like design thinking are twice as likely as their peers to see a growth rate of 15 percent or more over the next five years, according

What Every HR Manager Needs to Know About Succession Planning

The only thing constant is change. Even in the world of business, where we try to eliminate as many independent, unknown variables as possible, nothing is set in stone. Succession planning is the best way to prepare for the eventuality of losing key players and switching out valuable assets to the company. But what is

Make Truth Safe

“It’s the scariest thing in the world, telling the truth, because if you get rejected, you have nothing to hide behind. When you tell the truth and lose, it’s because your truth didn’t measure up. And because we all tend to carry our personal experiences into our professional lives, what’s difficult for us as individuals

Controlling your emotions at work

Before you react follow these rules. Humans are emotionally driven. This means that many situations occurring at work may be emotionally charged. Letting your emotions get the better of you can be detrimental to working relationships. One of my favorite gurus, Harvey Mackay, has a story and some suggestions about controlling your emotions. I am

Why It Is Good to Share Your Knowledge

SourceCon Budapest 2018 was a first SourceCon conference in Europe and one amazing event. This conference is built by amazing people who like to share, and because I also like to share choosing the topic for my speech was a no-brainer.

Marina Bay Sands introduces two-day learning leave incentive

Marina Bay Sands has announced the implementation of a two-day learning leave incentive for its over 9,700-strong workforce to enrol in SkillsFuture courses. Believed to be the first such initiative in the hospitality industry, the two-day learning leave allows all full-time staff to take paid leave to attend courses related to language and communication, service

Are you feeling the pinch of international school fees?

This year, more expats will be feeling the pinch of providing for their children abroad – and if the company covers these costs, employers will feel the pinch. ExpatFinder International School Fee Survey 2018 found that school fees in the East rose up to an average of US$16,403 per year from US$14,150. Fees in China rose

The race between people and technology

This article is brought to you by Maslow Trainers & Consultants. What’s practical and what’s not, in an age where artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud have become part of daily life? Maslow Trainers & Consultants elaborates. Nowadays, terms such as internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and cloud have become part of

Nearly 3,000 Malaysian staff affected by decommission of Western Digital factory

In response to declining long-term demand for client HDDs, Western Digital has taken steps to rationalise its HDD manufacturing operations globally. The company will decommission its HDD manufacturing facility in Petaling Jaya, Selangor by the end of calendar 2019. This transition will be executed in close collaboration with employees, customers, supply partners and other critical

Initiatives to enhance data protection competencies in Singapore

As part of the launch of a Data Protection Excellence (DPEX) Network, SMU Academy and Straits Interactive announced two initiatives aimed at enhancing data protection competencies in Singapore. The collaboration will see two Advanced Certificates: Advanced Diploma in Data Protection Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Data Protection Officers (DPO). The Advanced Certificates, which cover data

Cash rewards for children of Maybank employees

The annual Maybank Group Staff’s Children Academic Excellence Award (MGSCAEA) saw 510 children of employees who scored excellent results in the 2017 public examinations, being presented with cash rewards that totaled to some RM228,800 this year. Cash rewards were given to children of employees who obtained excellent results in various public examinations last year, namely:


READ IN ENGLISH 福利於吸引和挽留人才方面發揮重要作用,然而據CTgoodhobs最新福利調查2018發現,大部分僱主承認只投放少量資源於員工福利政策上,並對調整福利政策持觀望態度。另一方面,大部分受訪僱員目前有轉工計劃。 該調查訪問香港260名來自33個行業的僱主及1,520名僱員。 超過5成的受訪僱主在員工福利上投放少於5%的營運開支,並未有計劃於未來3年增設任何假期福利和津貼。 60%的受訪僱員期望可享有帶薪生日假。 大部分受訪僱主表示福利成本上升是其面對的最大挑戰。 當被要求評估員工對公司福利政策的滿意度,大部分(67%)僱主承認有改善空間,只有28%認為現行政策已能滿足大部分僱員需要。 逾70%的受訪僱員目前有轉工計劃。 以下是大部分僱主提供的現有福利的更詳細分類,以及與員工期望是否接近。

年度最佳人力資源服務供應商大獎2018 — 香港攜新獎項組別回歸

READ IN ENGLISH 為表揚和慶祝亞洲最佳人力資源解決方案供應商,比以往更大規模的第四屆年度最佳人力資源服務供應商大獎 — 香港載譽歸來。 由亞洲唯一地區媒體與活動品牌《Human Resources》主辦,該地區旗艦活動公佈共35個獎項組別,新增組別包括:最佳員工聯繫服務供應商、最佳行政指導服務供應商、最佳人力資源外判服務供應商、最佳獨立培訓顧問、最佳團隊建設場地、最佳新招聘解決方案供應商和最佳績效管理系統。 按此查看完整獎項組別列表。 基於分兩個階段向亞洲高級人力資源專業人員進行的定量和定性研究,年度最佳人力資源服務供應商大獎將選出在招聘、人才管理、員工福利、員工調派、培訓及發展、外判服務和人力資源技術等範疇有優秀表現的供應商人力資源專業人員。 今年的年度最佳人力資源服務供應商大獎2018 — 香港將於11月29日假The Mira, Hong Kong舉行。 只有入圍調查排名名單的人力資源機構方會獲邀提交參賽作品。所有以北亞地區為總部的人力資源解決方案供應商,包括香港、澳門、大中華、日本和韓國等,無論是私營企業、政府機構還是非政府組織,均可參與角逐各個組別的獎項。年度最佳人力資源服務供應商大獎的評審團由來自亞洲各地的60多位區域人力資源管理負責人組成,他們都是來自《財富》世界500強企業及區內的最大型機構。 年度最佳人力資源服務供應商大獎2018 — 香港的作品遞交截止日期為8月24日。得獎者名單將於11月舉行的盛大頒獎晚宴上公佈。 年度最佳人力資源服務供應商大獎過往的得獎者,都是亞洲及世界知名的人力資源解決方案供應商,包括:Mercer、Crown World Mobility、Adecco Personnel、ADP – Automatic Data Processing、海洋公園、香港永明金融、jobsDB、、Morgan Philips、CXA Group、駿隆專業保險顧問有限公司、Total Loyalty Company、Team Building Asia、Mannaz、Asia Corporate Training、Sirva Worldwide Relocation & Moving、BGRS、Intelligence SMC Consulting、BDO、Links International、Santa Fe、Kelly Services、ACI HR Solutions、Morgan McKinley、Robert Half、Bo Le Associates、Proco Global、Chandler Macleod、HireRight、Ramco Systems、SAP Hong

HR Vendors of the Year 2018, Hong Kong returns with new categories

閱讀中文版本 To recognise and celebrate the best HR solutions providers in Asia, the regional flagship event returns for its fourth annual edition on a bigger scale. Organised by Human Resources , Asia’s only regional media & events brand, the HR Vendors of the Year Awards, Hong Kong has unveiled 35 award categories, including new awards: Best Employee Engagement Service Provider, Best Executive Coaching

The most wanted benefits among Hong Kong job seekers

閱讀中文版本 Benefits play a massive role in attracting and retaining talent. Yet most employers admit according to CTgoodhobs latest benefit survey 2018 that they allocate a small number of resources to employee benefit policies and take a wait-and-see approach when it comes to adjusting the policies. Meanwhile, the majority of employees surveyed are planning to change jobs.


READ IN ENGLISH Skytrax本周二(7月17日)頒佈《全球航空公司獎》(World Airline Awards),新加坡航空獲選為2018年最佳航空公司。新加坡航空分別於2004年、2007年和2008年曾三次獲頒「全球最佳航空公司」。 今年,新加坡航空亦贏得三項大獎:「全球最佳頭等艙」、「亞洲最佳航空公司」和「最佳頭等艙座位」。 十大航空公司如下: 新加坡航空 卡塔爾航空 全日本航空 阿聯酋航空 長榮航空 國泰航空 漢莎航空 海南航空 嘉魯達印尼航空 泰國國際航空 其他得獎亞洲航空公司包括中國南方航空(「全球最傑出進步航空公司」)、嘉魯達印尼航空(「最佳空中服務團隊」),以及亞洲航空(「最佳低成本航空公司」)。[完整得獎名單] 大獎根據對於超過兩千名旅客的調查選出,調查於2017年8月至2018年5月進行,接受評價的航空公司超過335間。 新加坡航空行政總裁吳俊鵬接受獎項時表示:「新加坡航空很榮幸獲Skytrax選為『全球最佳航空公司』,這個獎是屬於26,000名新航集團的員工,他們每天致力為顧客提供全球最佳的旅遊體驗。」 Skytrax行政總裁Edward Plaisted補充:「最令客戶驚喜的關鍵因素在於其一致性,新加坡航空在產品和服務方面均獲高度評價,事實證明這是其重要的資產。新加坡航空在推出全新頭等艙後一年內就贏得『全球最佳航空公司』,實在值得自豪。」

The Importance of a Continuous Talent Conversation In Hiring Great People

Hiring talented workers, let alone top tier professionals, has become so competitive companies must be constantly on the lookout for unique ways to meet their talent needs. With more investment money pouring into new startups and into expanding existing companies, the talent market is becoming ever more hyper-competitive. That is making employer brand distinction, unique

Look Beyond the Stereotypes When Considering Benefits

As employers try to figure out what employees want most, there can be a tendency to rely on gender and generational stereotypes that often don’t meet the individual needs of employees. Our recent survey of 2,200 employees shows what a mistake that is. We found little consensus on life goals within age groups. In addition,

HRExaminer Radio – Executive Conversations: Episode #283: Regina Viadro

HRx Radio – Executive Conversations: On Friday mornings, John Sumser interviews key executives from around the industry. The conversation covers what makes the executive tick and what makes their company great. HRx Radio – Executive Conversations Guest: Regina Viadro, VP and Intelligent Automation Practice Adviser EPAM Systems Episode: 283 Air Date: July 13, 2018