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Did Google Fake its AI Demo? A Lesson for Employer Communications

If you’re a nerd or just a casual technology news consumer, you might have heard about the recent live Google Duplex demo with the company’s CEO. In essence, the technology will assist you with those mundane or annoying times when you need to schedule an appointment. Simply tell your device to schedule an appointment for

Networking news for #SHRM18 attendees

It turns out it is all about who you know. I have participated in several #NextChat sessions for #SHRM18. One of the frequent topics of discussions is networking. People are provided with all kinds of advice. Some of this includes: Bring business cards to help break the ice Don’t bring business cards, that will make

Anti-Mom Bias is Real and Based in Reality

A friend of mine, the mother of six, just had a job interview. While she didn’t try to hide the fact that she had children, she also wasn’t planning to share that she had six of them. So, imagine her surprise when one of the interviewers said, “So you have six children. I’ve just read

What are the happiest professions?

A study by Robert Half evaluated the levels of happiness of 24,000 working professionals across eight countries who agreed to talk about their on-the-job satisfaction. The results revealed that the field of marketing and creative dominated the top rank, for both level of happiness and level of interest in work. While the field of technology